Monday, October 18, 2010

Switched to MS Visual Studio 2010

Today I realized that I can download 'Visual Studio 2010 Professional' for free with my msdnaa account.I read that many dev studios are working with VS, so I thought that it wouldn't be a bad idea to install it and get used to it.I worked with 'Code::Blocks' (using MinGW compiler) so far and really felt in love with it so I was a little suspicious and scared when I started the installation.

After the (way too long,but not too boring (thanks to my PSP ;) )) installation I imported some *.h and *.cpp files from my CodeBlocks project (a 2D-Engine) to the new VS2010 project.

After I set up the lib-/ and include dir I started to build the project...

I expected the project to build properly (as it did in codeblocks using minGW) but after a few seconds some (and by 'some' I mean infinite) linker error appeared. I now spent like 1-2 hours to finaly got rid of them.

After I (finaly) build the *.dll and *.lib from my engine with VS2010 I started to program a little test application to test some functions from the 2D-Engine.

The engine is using SDL for eventhandling and graphics-stuff.The thing about SDL is,that it declares its 'own' WinMain() function.There's no need to call a WinMain,if you're using SDL...You just need to call main(int args,char args[]) (or something like that).That's easy to use and should normaly work but now I get another linker error caused by the main() function. I'm now sitting here for like 2-3 hours in total just fixing some linker errors and starting to slap my own face for switching to VS2010...I hope I get used to it soon.

Oh and btw: welcome to my new blog ;)

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