Monday, January 10, 2011

Happy new year (yeah..A little bit late...I know)

Woosa I'm back.
My holidays ended yesterday and now the cold,cruel world got me back.

Bad things first:
I really REALLY wanted to code during the holidays but I made a big mistake...I bought Oblivion G.O.T.Y Edition (Shivering Isles and Knights of Nine included) on Steam during the holiday specials and spent nearly the whole holidays playing it... But what's even worse is that I didn't even finished it. :-/ Such a big game with millions of opportunities ...agh!
Time swallowing beast!

I also realized that I apparently have something like a "programming-Karma"... Everytime I plan to do some programming but then end up gaming, my karma does something bad with my car.The last time I had to pay EUR1.400 at the car workshop (thanks to Red Dead Redemption). This time the windshield from my car got smashed during New Year's Eve (Thanks to god it costs me "only" EUR150).

Well yeah... Never mind.

What I originaly wanted to say is that I'll release a new video of the current state of the leveleditor at the end of the week.

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