Sunday, March 27, 2011

Graphic creation technique finished!

The content of this video is just me testing the AbstractAnimatedGraphic class.
The graphicfile used for this animation is the following:

The animation is just yoshi, turning around his own axis.
In the video you can see that it is possible to regulate the animationspeed by
key pressing (well you can't see the actual key press).
This feature could be used for fancy slow-motion effects ;)

I also just finished the graphic creation factory.
My engine will support 2 different graphic modes.
  1. Pure SDL (DirectDraw under Windows)
  2. OpenGL
When the function getNewGraphic() from the class "GraphicFactory" get's called,
the engine will check specific configuration flags (which you can change on runtime)
to determine the derived type of the returned AbstractGraphic object (AbstractGraphic is the class that SDLObject and OpenGLObject inherit from).All created graphicObjects are saved to an list to support easy conversion on the fly if the user wants to switch the graphics mode during gameplay.

It's time to sleep now.
I had to work the whole weekend and didn't got much sleep.

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