Sunday, January 15, 2012

Use DoxyGen to automatize the documentation of your projects.

I just want to point out tool I discovered after reading one of my new programming books.

The tool is called DoxyGen and you can download it from here.

DoxyGen is a tool which will surf through your source code and look for certain marks.
Consider you have a function like
 bool doSomething(int x);  

If you want to document this function, you need to enter the DoxyGen documenting marks like this
 * This method does something  
 * @param x - amount of bla  
 * @return bool - true if successful or false if not.  
 bool doSomething(int x);  

When you start DoxyGen it'll find these marks (@param etc.) and create a html documentation based on the informations you write behind those marks.

After DoxyGen is finished, the result will eventually look like this (Its a screenshot of the documentation from my engine on which I work currently):

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